Our jewelry brand Susy De Marchi was born in 2005, discovering a passion for creativity and art for jewelry. We are always looking to create quality products for customers, which are very important for us. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to brighten the day with the products made by us arriving in his hands by sending happiness. We say thank you to all customers for the trust they have placed and we always tried every product has been built with a lot of professionalism and seriousness. Our strength is the quality that makes each piece of jewelery unique and special. We are always looking for new ideas all at very attractive prices.
We inform you that all our products are made in Italy with high quality materials and, as we all know the made in Italy and a hallmark

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what it does in 925 sterling silver:
Our results are all silver 925/1000. This means that out of 1000 of 925 metal parts are silver and 75 of copper alloy. Therefore respects the Legislative Decree N.251 of 22 May 1999 fixing the thousandths allowed in Italy for processing and 925/1000.

SILVERING - The deposit of silvering is used both as a final treatment and as a base (in this case silvering is practiced in thickness) to promote the gloss of the successive deposits (plating, rhodium plating, etc.)

BROWNING - This bath deposits gold at 20 carats and the thickness may reach a maximum of 0.1-0.2 μ (please note that the micron = μ is equal to the thousandth of a millimeter)

PLATING (even Rose) - it is deposited in 22-carat gold. The commonly used thickness is 1 μ commercial The pink coloring is obtained with a red gold deposit to the presence of copper in the plating bath used.

Rhodium - settles pure rhodium. Rhodium is counted among the precious metals, its current cost is from € 160.00 to € 170.00 per gram.